Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cursillo?
Cursillo (pronounced cur-see-yo) is short for Cursillo de Christendad, which is Spanish for “a small course in Christianity.”  The Cursillo movement, which originated in Spain, is a powerful instrument of renewal in the Church. It begins on Thursday evening and ends on Sunday evening.  During these three days, those attending listen to talks given by priests, deacons, religious sisters and laypersons, participate in Eucharist and Reconciliation and share in the fellowship of Jesus Christ and each other. Cursillo deals primarily with a growth in knowledge, in awareness and in love of God, neighbor and world.  Even though they follow the same format, each Cursillo weekend is unique because the team and participants all have different life experiences.  Therefore, it is difficult to explain exactly what your weekend experience will be like.  We can only tell you that it will be a spirit-filled three days in which your relationship with Jesus, His Father, and the Holy Spirit will be enriched.

What is the cost of a Cursillo weekend in Quincy?
The cost for the three days is $185.00.  This covers three nights lodging and eight meals at the Franciscan Retreat Center, as well as miscellaneous supplies, such as a Bible, supplied to each person attending the weekend. Financial assistance is available through the “Gift of Cursillo”. A candidate or sponsor can request this “gift” of $100 towards the cost of the weekend by writing on the application that they need financial assistance. No financial information is required.

How long is a Cursillo weekend?
The Cursillo begins on Thursday evenings with registration starting at 7:30 pm. The weekend ends on Sunday evenings around 6 p.m.

How does one sign up for a Cursillo weekend?
It is necessary to have a sponsor in order to attend a Cursillo weekend.  This is important for returning to the parish community afterward.  In the case of married couples, the husband must attend before the wife.  This is done so couples are on the same level spiritually, and because, like it or not, some men are less likely to attend without prompting from their wives.  Speak to your pastor or your area Cursillo representative.  In most cases, someone who has made a Cursillo will seek you out because the desire to share the joy and beauty of the weekend is something they want to share.

What are Ultreya’s?
Ultreya’s are parish or area wide gatherings of those who have made Cursillo. Ultreya is a Spanish word meaning encouragement and the gatherings do just that – bring together those who have made Cursillo to be renewed and encouraged in their spiritual journey. Here the Group Reunions can come together to share their commitment and growth and encourage each other in the evangelization of Jesus’ love in their world. This can also foster the opportunity for the new cursillista to find a Group Reunion to join by meeting and making new friends. An Ultreya should be simple, not too long, 1 ½ hrs- 2 hrs, but with substance. It should include prayer, a short witness, sharing that witness in small groups, brief comments by a representative from each group, time for socializing with light snacks and drinks, whenever convenient in the program, and ending with prayer.

Check the Calendar for dates and times of Ultreya’s.

What are Group Reunions?
Group Reunion is a “reunion of friends” who have attended Cursillo.  They meet regularly to give one another spiritual support and apostolic encouragement.  It is only when a relationship is developed in which people feel free to share their lives with each other that the full impact of group reunion will take place.  Group reunions are extremely important to continue the spirit of fellowship found on the Cursillo weekend.

What is meant by “Fourth Day”?
“Fourth Day” is an expression meaning the rest of one’s life. The Cursillo weekend neither pretends to be nor is it able to give a complete Christian formation.  Cursillo provides a “method” to continue the Cursillo experience beyond the three days with follow-up activities such as Group Reunions and Ultreya’s.  Your continued spiritual journey is referred to as the “Fourth Day.”

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What are Area Reps and how can I find out who my Area Rep is?
Each parish or town is eligible to have one area representative and one assistant that is chosen by the local Ultreya and submitted to the Board for approval.   The Area Representative acts as a liaison between the parish or area and the Board.  They are encouraged to attend all Board meetings when possible.  In their local communities, they should be in contact with their pastors and keep an active list of who has made Cursillo and who is in Group Reunion.  It is also the responsibility of the Area Representatives to maintain contact with sponsors when they have candidates to help answer any questions and to handle post-Cursillo activities, ultreya’s and assist in getting Cursillistas in Group Reunions.   Review listing of Area Reps

How long do I need to wait before I can return to be on a Cursillo team?
You can submit a team application upon completion of your initial Cursillo weekend but be aware that you will need to wait one year before your name will become available. This one year wait period is to give you ample time to grow in your spirituality after your initial Cursillo experience. Once you have been on a team, you will again need to wait one year before being called again. This is so others have the opportunity to serve. If you have submitted your team application and it has been awhile, be aware that we have a long list of applicants. Do not give up hope of being called. You will be called in God’s time. Be sure to contact the team application committee if you have changed your phone number. We often have difficulty contacting people because their phone numbers have changed.

What do I need to know about being on a Cursillo team?
The call to be on a team implies the need for a good deal of dedication and commitment — commitment to the rector or rectora, to the team, to the candidates, to the Cursillo Movement and most of all to Christ. Those commitments require us to attend the team meetings, possibly prepare a talk, pray for a fellow team member, critique the rollistas with love, to help the rector/rectora and the assistants, and to be open to the candidates and their needs on the weekend. When we say “yes” to being an auxiliary, we are also saying “yes” to the possibility that we would be willing to be a rollista, an assistant rector or rectora and even a rector or rectora in the future. These are the natural steps that one can expect when asked to be on a team. In order for Cursillo, and us, to continue to grow we need to be open to these steps and be aware that our “yes” to team membership implies that we are committing to our future roles in the Cursillo Movement whatever they may be.

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I’d like to serve meals – how do I sign up?

There are opportunities to help in the dining room and in the kitchen washing dishes and doing general clean-up. A signup link is provided on the home page of this website for each weekend. The link will tell you the times available, number of volunteers needed and the duties of the roles.

Sponsors, spouses, siblings, parents, and children of candidates and team are asked NOT to serve. We want all participants to process the weekend without being reminded of “outside” concerns. The exception is that spouses & family of team members may serve the Sunday lunch meal.

What is a “Buddy Mass”?
When teams begin their formation for an upcoming weekend, team members are asked to enlist the help of prayer buddies to pray for them during their team formation period. Upon completion of the team meetings and prior to the actual Cursillo weekend, the team, their prayer buddies and immediate family members are invited to join together for a Mass that includes annointing of the team.  There is usually a carry-in dinner following the Mass. The Buddy Mass is open to anyone to attend.

When was the first Cursillo held in Quincy?
The first men’s Cursillo was held December 1974; the first women’s Cursillo was held in February 1975.

See listing of all past weekends.

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