Use this application to submit your interest in being on a Cursillo team. Use application version December 2023.

Team Application

Complete this application if you would like to serve as a musician or vocalist on a Cursillo weekend.

Musician Application

Complete this application if you would like to serve as a Spiritual Director or Assistant Spiritual Director.

Spiritual Director Application

What you need to know about being on a Cursillo team
The call to be on a team implies the need for a good deal of dedication and commitment — commitment to the rector or rectora, to the team, to the candidates, to the Cursillo Movement and most of all to Christ. Those commitments require us to attend the team meetings, possibly prepare a talk, pray for a fellow team member, critique the rollistas with love, to help the rector/rectora and the assistants, and to be open to the candidates and their needs on the weekend. When we say “yes” to being an auxiliary, we are also saying “yes” to the possibility that we would be willing to be a rollista, an assistant rector or rectora and even a rector or rectora in the future. These are the natural steps that one can expect when asked to be on a team. In order for Cursillo, and us, to continue to grow we need to be open to these steps and be aware that our “yes” to team membership implies that we are committing to our future roles in the Cursillo Movement whatever they may be.

How long do you need to wait before you can be on a Cursillo team
You can submit a team application upon completion of your initial Cursillo weekend but be aware that you will need to wait one year before your name will become available. This one year wait period is to give you ample time to grow in your spirituality after your initial Cursillo experience. Once you have been on a team, you will again need to wait one year before being called again. This is so others have the opportunity to serve. If you have submitted your team application and it has been awhile, be aware that we have a long list of applicants. Do not give up hope of being called. You will be called in God’s time.

Updating Your Team Application
If you have changed phone numbers, mailing address, name due to marriage or any other information pertinent to serving on a team, please contact Phil and Brenda Leatherman at 573-588-2523.