Fourth Day Renewal

The Fourth Day Renewal is a 24-hour experience of personal growth designed for those who have previously made a Cursillo weekend.  It is a relaxed, co-ed experience offering an opportunity to renew and develop your spirituality and your commitment to living the Christian life. Fourth Day Renewal begins on Friday evenings at 7 pm and ends on Saturday evening at 7 pm. It is held at the Franciscan Retreat Center.

The first evening of the renewal weekend begins with introspection and quiet focusing on the individual through self-reflection and reconciliation. The second day moves from the individual relationship with God (Piety) into relationship with Community (Study and Action). The Fourth Day Renewal concludes with the call to continue the journey.

Fourth Day Renewals are open to men and women, singles and married couples, who have made a Cursillo weekend. They are scheduled in March and December. Check the Calendar for specific dates.

Your full registration fee of $55 per person will be due upon arrival for the weekend.

To register for a Fourth Day Renewal, please complete the following form or download registration form to mail. This information is used for room assignments and for table assignments.

When registering two people, please register each person separately. When the confirmation of submission message appears, please refresh your browser or close the browser and reopen.

Registration Form
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