The fee to attend a Cursillo increased from $150 to $165 effective January 1, 2020. A “Gift of Cursillo” scholarship is available that will pay $80 towards the fee.

Please use application version 01-01-2020 and dispose of older versions.



Please use the 01-01-2020 version of the candidate application. Remember to also download and submit the 2020 Sponsor Form along with the candidate application.  All candidates must be sponsored by someone who has already attended a Cursillo weekend.

2020 Candidate Application

This document includes the sponsor responsibilities and the sponsor portion of the candidates application. Please use version dated 01-01-2020 for all applications submitted after January 1, 2020.

2020 Sponsor Form

The cut-off to submit candidate applications is the Sunday prior to the start of that weekend.

Due to possible postal mail delays, if you are submitting a candidate application within three weeks of the Cursillo weekend to which they are applying, please email the application and sponsor form (scan it or take photo of it) to: or fax to 217-209-3467. Then mail the original signed candidate application, sponsor form and deposit as indicated on the application.