Quincy Cursillo is centered in Quincy, Illinois within the Catholic Diocese of Springfield, Illinois.  Cursillo (pronounced kur-see-yo) is a Spanish word meaning "short course". During this three-day experience, those attending pray together, celebrate Eucharist, listen to talks given by clergy and laypersons, and share fellowship of Jesus Christ and each other. We host eight Cursillo weekends per year - four for men and four for women. They are held at the Franciscan Retreat Center located at 1909 N. 18th Street in Quincy, Illinois.


Palanca Chapel Sign Up - July Women's #370

Meal Server Sign Up - July Women's #370

Bishop Thomas John Paprocki of the Springfield Illinois Diocese shares his experience attending Quincy Cursillo.

Bishop Paprocki's February 12, 2012 Column from Diocese of Springfield in IL on Vimeo.