Quincy Cursillo is centered in Quincy, Illinois within the Catholic Diocese of Springfield, Illinois.  We hosted our first Cursillo in December 1974 and continue to hold eight weekends per year – four for men and four for women. They are held at the Franciscan Retreat Center located at 1909 N. 18th Street in Quincy, Illinois.

Cursillo (pronounced kur-see-yo) is a Spanish word meaning “short course”. During this three-day experience, those attending pray together, celebrate Eucharist, listen to talks given by priests, religious and laypersons, and share fellowship of Jesus Christ and each other.

Although a Cursillo is not a retreat, its aim is to concentrate on the Person and teachings of Jesus Christ.  As a Lay Movement, Cursillo gives those who attend a living understanding of basic Christian truths and a desire to serve the Church. It also provides a means to continue the Christian formation that begins during the three-day experience.

A Cursillo weekend begins on Thursday evening with candidate registration from 7:30-8:30 pm and culminates on Sunday evening with closing and Mass  at 4 pm.


Fellow Cursillistas,

The Cursillo Board met September 29, 2020 to discuss the status of our Cursillo program in light of Covid-19. After receiving a report regarding the status of Quincy University and their use of the Retreat Center for classroom space and other uses as needed, Cursillo will need to continue our hiatus indefinitely until we are more accurately able to know the availability of space and our ability to guarantee the safety of both team and candidates. The Board will meet again in January 2021 to assess the situation. I know that everyone was hoping for better news. In the meantime, we need to fellowship with our prayer groups in whatever fashion is safe.

The Retreat Advisory Board, which is made up of representatives of Cursillo, TEC, Quest and Walk to Emmaus, is asking that we all set aside noon on the 19th of each month to pray for our programs and for the families of all.

De Colores,
Diane Lagoski
Lay Director